Simple Casual

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I’m obviously still resisting to wear color, or dress like it is actually summer. Ninety degree weather won’t stop me. At least I’m not actually wearing a sweater, just one without the sleeves. I’m always layering, and finding new ways to wear one piece differently. This sweater was impulsively turned into a shirt when I realized I wanted to wear it during the summer. There’s nothing wrong with a little DIY, which I’m learning actually can change one outfit completely. That being said, try some new things and see what ends up in your closet next. On the layering note, lately I’ve been really into collard shirts underneath anything, so to add to this outfit I slipped one on underneath. This overall trend really has my bank account weeping. Every time I see a pair, I’ve been lusting over them. That being said, these black overall shorts are extremely comfortable and functional in any outfit. For this enselble, i layered (why would I not) them under the rest of my outfit, for comfort purposes obnviously. I cannot stress to you enough how important it is to have quality denim pieces in your closet on hand. I luckily found this vintage Levi’s jacket at a thrift store for only five dollars, start your searching! I decided to go with the chunky cutout buckle boots and some circle sunglasses to tie the outfit together.

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Details: Topshop sweather | Nordstrom button up | Levi’s denim jacket | Jeffrey Campbell boots

Black ‘N White

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Two things I’m always up for: art museums and black, white and denim outfits. I really like to keep it simple most of the time, and it’s an easy go to way to dress when I’m in a hurry. This jacket is the best for any weather, I will literally wear it when it’s 70 degrees and sunny outside. That being said I tend to layer– a lot. It’s nice to keep two white button ups in your closet as a go to piece, one sleeveless and one long sleeved. Jeans aren’t usually pants I’m thrilled to wear, but when I was recently shopping a friend convinced me to buy this pair, and I can say they’ve easily changed my perspective on jeans. It’s nice to have one pair that’re comfortable, I’d say have at least one dark wash and one light on hand. The wash of your denim can change up the look, so find ones you’ll wear long term, not just to be ‘trendy’. I try and not wear heals when I’m doing a lot of walking, but these aren’t too bad, and they tie the look together. I can’t leave home without these rings, and this necklace has become a recent favorite of mine. I have too many sunglasses, so I chose the first black pair I could find. Enjoy some of these shots I took while at the Frye Art Museum in Seattle. I’ve never been before and was excited to go when a friend invited me, definitely some interesting exhibits and pieces of art. If you’re in the area check it out!

What am I Wearing?

Nordstrom jacket | Babton button up | Free People bralet | Citizens of Humanity Jeans | Nordstrom booties | Vintage rings | Lucky Brand necklace | Nordstrom sunglasses 


014 002 010 027 030 026 032 034 033 Photo Jun 06, 8 56 14 PM Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetPhoto Jun 19, 6 31 48 PMPhoto Jun 25, 8 37 47 AMToday being my first day back at work, I had an excuse to dress up. Since it’s summer I still wanted to keep it pretty casual. Graphic tees are great for dressing down any outfit. Whenever I’m at a concert I try and purchase a tee to add to my collection. I’m really loving my overalls lately, they’re super comfortable. I layered a collard button up under my overalls, and a graphic tee on top, this way I can still keep comfortable while not revealing them. To dress up the look I grabbed this pale pink, almost nude shaded vest, it’s definitely one of the more dressy pieces in my closet, but I’ve been wearing it more dressed down. I’ve had these Skate hi’s in my closet for a few months, and they easily became one of my favorites.

What I’m wearing

Wilfred Free overalls | Nordstrom button up | Two Door Cinema Club concert tee | Wilfred vest | Vans Skate Hi’s | Nordstrom sunglasses

Festive Floral

k (28) k (21) k (54) k (24) k (53) k (52) k (69) k (63) k (12) k (37) k (90) k (49) k (94) k (36)Seattle has finally started to act like summer! With the nice weather I had the opportunity to wear some of the pieces I have recently purchased for the spring and summer seasons. I found this kimono and immediately purchased it. I’ve been looking for one for so long, this one is nice because it’s not too distinct in color, it has more of a faded look. Also, where would I be without high-waisted shorts. I’m guilty of rocking a mom butt all throughout the summer. Crop tops are only acceptable when worn with high-waisted bottoms, so i took advantage of my opportunity, matching this tank crop top with the floral print in the kimono. Circle sunglasses just might be out, but when worn in moderation and styled correctly they still work. As usual I chose my favorite vintage rings as well as necklaces. I found these shoes at a small boutique, they’re perfect for any summer activities– concerts, beach, small hikes, walking, everything! It’s always nice to invest in a pair of shoes that don’t have as much sentimental value to you, more of a go to shoe.

Details: Pacsun kimono| Bp. crop top | Levi shorts | Thrifted sunglasses | Vintage jewelry 

Green and Serene

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With the weather warming up and the sun making a daily appearance– well it did earlier today… I finally gave in and invested in some color. Probably the best purchase decision I have made in a while. I refuse to take this vest off (not literally, don’t worry). I love this shade of green as well as the cut and style the vest came in, perfect for layering. I also recently invested in another pair of overalls which are more relaxed and of course black. The weather was up and down, so I decided to go with a white log sleeved crop top to add some light to the outfit. Accessorizing with my wider brimmed hat and some vintage jewelry I was set. I could never forget these cutout boots, that you guys are probably tired of seeing, they are literally the bet for adding detail and for a warmer day.

Details: Wilfred Free vest | Talula overalls | AA crop top | Jeffrey Campbell boots | Vintage rings | Lucky necklace | Free People Hat | Nordstrom sunglasses


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It could be 100 degrees outside and I would still be wearing black. These overalls are something that I never thought I would wear as much as I do. They’re great for any weather, especially the ones I have, they’re more of a chambray fabric, not as harsh as denim. If you’re looking for a pair of overalls I definitely recommend these. This striped tee is probably going to end up as my most worn tee of the season, I love how subtle the stripes are and how minimal of a piece it is. To add depth to the outfit I threw on a blazer vest. I’m really into over-sized outerwear, so this was perfect. To add to my hat collection, I picked up this smaller brimmed black hat to match the wide-brimmed one I already have. To add detail I chose this layered necklace, and my favorite turquoises rings. For a contrast I grabbed my cutout buckle boots, perfect for the weather. I found myself in downtown Seattle and snapped a few photos while I was there, the weather was too nice not to.

Details: Wilfred Free overalls | Project Social T tee | Lush vest | Nordstrom hat | Jeffrey Campbell boots | Lucky necklace | Vintage rings | Nordstrom sunglasses

The Blues

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 I live for those overcast spring days, where it’s just cold enough to wear a jacket. This has to be my favorite piece of outerwear in my closet right now. I found it in New York and without a doubt had to invest. I was a huge fan of the navy and grey trend throughout fall and winter, and this jacket was a nice addition to my collection of biker style outwear. Although I’m growing rather tired of the plaid trend, as well as crop tops this specific button up caught my eye. The print is crisp, and simple– two things I love. Layering is something I will continue to do, despite the season change. Who cares, it adds depth and detail to an outfit, and all you have to do is wear another piece under the other. I live in these leather leggings. They’re so incredibly comfortable, and such a great alternative to leggings and black denim. Sadly the weather is becoming warmer, but I look forward to the colder days where I can get away with rocking them. For over a year I’ve been looking for all white skate highs. Last year I gave in and purchased a pair of Chuck Taylors, which now are far from the color they used to be. When I saw these in front of me, I instantly got them. I must say, they’re one of the most comfortable pair of shoes I own, next to my Roshe Runs. To tie the look together I threw on a silver chain and some black shades. Hopefully the weather changes soon so I’m forced to dress more spring like. Until then, I will remain in my old winter ways.

Details: Wilfred Free jacket | Topshop button up | Wilfred tee | Wilfred Free leather leggings | Vans skate highs | XXI chain | Nordstrom sunglasses